Senior Software Engineer (remote)

Now hiring!

  • Full-time role, immediate start

  • Work 4.5 days per week, get paid for 5 days

  • 28 days leave per year including public holidays

  • 5 days sick leave

  • Remote work

  • Location can be anywhere, but must work at least 5 hours per day in UK business hours

  • Hack day once per fortnight


If interested apply in writing to, sending your CV and saying why the role interests you. Must state that you have the right to work in the UK.


The Role

Ship Shape Search takes unstructured data in the form of news articles and social media output and turns it into actionable insight.


You will be responsible for the NLP pipeline, from data ingestion, through pre-processing, to deployment of machine-learning models, to developing the API that our customer-facing system interacts with.

Ultimately we need someone who understands how an engineering team works (e.g. deployment, pull requests, good practice). You need to be able to write production code with minimal pick-up time for the next developer.

Our Data Services technology stack is microservices-based and hosted on AWS. 

What you’ll be doing:

  • Development of event-driven microservices

  • Data transformation and integration

  • Building REST API’s.

  • Basic GUI build for manual entry of data (basic CRUD, not e.g. single-page apps)


We are looking for someone with experience of the following:

  • Professional experience as a developer, 5 years minimum (C#, Java, C++, Python, etc)

    • We use Python, but it's okay not to have Python experience as long you have experience in a relevant language.

  • Developing into AWS/Azure, 3 years minimum

  • Uses a test-driven mentality to write good, understandable code.

  • Relational Database e.g. Postgres, 3 years. 

  • Optional

    • Familiarity with Docker

    • ECS (Fargate, EKS) on AWS

    • Lambda


CI/CD. We need you to care and understand about CI/CD, and the process of pull request/ code review/ merge conflict review.


If you don’t have the exact specs defined above, we still want to hear from you. We are a friendly company with learning at its heart. 






About Ship Shape - What’s different about working here?


  • 4.5 day weeks - not 5 days

    • You’ll get a paid half-day off per week. We can be flexible with which half-day you take off each week as long as it fits with your team-mates.

  • Hack day/ Research Day every fortnight

    • Each fortnight post-probation you have one hack day to work on whatever project/ research/ skills improvement/ hack you want. It does need to have some connection to the business and your professional development, but you’ll be actively discouraged from doing your day job in disguise on this day.

  • 28 days leave including annual leave and bank holidays

    • We thought we should write this in case you thought it might not happen in addition to the half day off every week. But it does.



Email you fancy joining Ship Shape!

Please include your Name, CV, Cover Letter and Contact Details with subject “[your name] Snr Software Engineer”

We look forward to meeting you!