BA/ Product Manager (WFH + Cardiff office)

Now hiring!

  • Permanent role, immediate start

  • £55,000 per year plus 3% pension

  • 4.5 days per week, get paid for 5 days

  • Options scheme post-probation

  • WFH the norm, come into the office only when you want/ need to

  • Hack day once per fortnight

  • Cardiff

If interested apply in writing to, sending your CV and saying why the role interests you. Must state that you have the right to work in the UK.


Please include your Name, CV, Cover Letter and Contact Details with subject “[your name] BA/ Product Manager”


The Role

The BA/ Product Manager is responsible for product planning and envisioning such that the Ship Shape team can deliver on that vision, and the company's overall strategy and goals are achieved.


Strategic Envisioning

The BA/ Product Manager is expected to lead and own the processes for:

  • Gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements

  • Assessing market opportunities and competition

  • Assess partnerships and licensing opportunities

  • Imagining as yet untapped disruption opportunities.


They do this by their own efforts and by directing and coordinating efforts of colleagues including but not exclusively Exec and Sales.


Owned planning and delivery tasks, and assistance from team


The BA/ Product Manager is then expected to:

  • Own the product roadmap

  • Control backlog with prioritized work items

  • Assess level of definition required for each work item, and

  • Define and document work items and definition of done, to the level the Product Manager and Technical Product Manager assess to be required

  • Own Specifications (BDD, GUI, API)

  • Assure delivery of work items prior to release

  • Approve releases


The BA/ Product Manager will be assisted in their responsibilities by:

  • UX/UI specialist

  • Snr Full Stack Developer

  • QA Analyst

  • CIO/COO (acting as Delivery Manager and Scrum Master)

  • Sales, Marketing, and Client team acting as Voice of the Customer


Contribution to others’ tasks

The BA/ Product Manager on occasion will assist the Exec, and Sales, Marketing, and Client team, to:

  • Develop the core positioning and messaging for the product

  • Perform product demos to customers

  • Set pricing to meet revenue and profitability goals

  • Briefing press and analysts and go on press tours


The BA/ Product Manager will assist Engineering leaders to:

  • Explain the product and features to all staff, for example:

  • for new joiners

  • to workshop details of complex features


About Ship Shape

We are a Fintech business, Ship Shape Search is the Venture Capture Search Engine. As such we are deep in technology and Financial Services.


Email, if you fancy joining Ship Shape!

Please include your Name, CV, Cover Letter and Contact Details with the subject “[your name] BA/ Product Manager”

We look forward to meeting you!